The Chanel Choco Phone

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Update: I was contacted by Mr. Fred de Garilhe with a special request to remove the images from this article due to a Chanel imposing copyright related. Therefore I’m presenting you my apologies for having to delete the pictures of this conceptual product.

Let it bling over me gives you another fierce posting – The Chanel Choco Phone designed by Fred de Garilhe.

Looks awful, sounds even more – integrating 12 micro optical lighter fibers and displaying images between two glass parts. Lights only appear when opening the phone (or pushing the removable part on the side).

What happened to those days when a phone was only used to call or being called? Is there an end to all that? Next you’ll know, they’ll be making phones looking like champagne bottles and naming them bubbling phones!

Is this going too far or do you think tech things will never go bling enough?
(via kanyeuniversecity)


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