Friday Break – A Moment by Phil Hansen

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My husband send me an article yesterday and when I saw the film that accompanied that posting, I just knew I had to share it with you.

I could hardy wait until today, the big Friday when I’m always suggesting you a break. Today it will not be a scene from a movie, a dance or a piece of music (even if you kinda find them altogether in this video here). It will be about life.
Please take this break with me and don’t forget about what is most important for you in your existence. Things just tend to disappear in flashes…

I had, some say, a normal life, a blessed one, for I came to find true love and happiness with my family, alongside the most wonderful man in the world. But until that moment, I saw and lived many things that brought me to my present self (with good parts and bad parts).

This movie is about what changed people’s life. All in a phrase. All painted down by a wizard – Phil Hansen. He involved real people, people of the internet, in this “A moment” project – a ten-foot, spinning, circular canvas that took him six days to complete. Over 600 responses (from the UK to Botswana) came to draw, from the middle to the extremes – Hansen’s face (his work gave him a jitter in a hand, a jitter that went away when drawing this picture).

“I’m really interested in how all of our experiences build together to create whatever world we live in.”

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