Ends Diamonds Encrusted in Gold for Luxury Update on Shoelaces

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I doubt it gets any crazier than that! But then again, every passing day proves me wrong! Ends is a new line of gold and diamond-encrusted capsules. (sounds about normal, right?!)

Ends capsules cost between $399 and $4.999. What are they for? Well, believe or not, these capsules screw onto the ends of shoelaces! Now that’s high end fashion in the most realistic way of speaking! Whitney and Greg Lucci founded Ends company with Leon and Jessica Cohen.

Ends Diamonds Encrusted Capsules for Shoelaces
Whether it’s the best prank ever played to celebrities or the perfect way to snob when spending money, Ends products do attract! Number one fans – Dave and Victoria Beckham and Will.i.am (from the Black Eyed Peas).

Now get this – when asked what the best-seller product was, the overwhelming answer came like a dong : “The ones with the most diamonds, of course!”

Ends Diamonds Shoe Laces

World, my finger is on the button! (thus spoke a song from nearly 2 years ago) – I’m preparing a massive mind blowing bomb! What are they thinking, anyway?
This is one screwed up reality where one can find fashion at the end of the shoelaces, no matter the cost or the overall impression. What do you think? Fashion or snobshion?

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