Ask Chloe Sevigny in Elle Magazine

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If you ever feel lost in fashion, then Chloe Sevigny is the one to ask! She’s got her very own style column “Ask Chloe”. Miss Sevigny is the Style Advisor for Elle Magazine starting out with the March Issue of the world respected magazine (of which she’s doing the cover too).

If I was to be nasty, I’d say Elle‘s running out of editors and cover models, but today I’ll go mild.

How about that? If I’ll be a fashion destroyer for a few years, can I get like a tiny square in New York Times Style Magazine? Teeny tiny?

Chloe Sevigny for Elle Magazine March Issue
Chloe Sevigny Elle Magazine Chloe Sevigny For Elle Magazine
Chloe Sevigny Elle Magazine March 2008 Chloe Sevigny Elle Magazine March 2008 Issue

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#1 Armine Abrahamyan on 01.31.08 at 4:18 am

I don’t particularly think she is so pretty but she looks nice.


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