Can Gwyneth Paltrow Do Better than The Balenciaga Moon Bag?

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Today’s resolution was all about shoes. If it was about handbags, this Balenciaga Moon Bag would have been on a top position!

We rarely get the chance to see something that ugly, that expensive and still big in the spotlight. And we mean big and hideous!

Balenciaga Moon Bag Burgundy

Of course, Gwyneth Paltrow is not recognized for her exquisite taste in clothes (rather for her weird taste in children’s names.. not to forget little Apple Blythe Alison Martin and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin) but this handbag tops it all. It’s from the Balenciaga Fall 2007 Collection and it’s around $2.600 and should wear a warning tag “not to be sold for clients under 50years” instead of that shameful mirror hanging on the side.

Gwyneth Paltrow Balenciaga Moon Bag Ali Larter Balenciaga Moon Bag Black

It seems that Gwyneth wasn’t the only one Moon-spelled.. Ali Larter and Christina Aguilera were spotted wearing this particularly ugly handbag. (at least the Heroes Ali Larter had the decency to have chosen the black Moon Bag, least eye-damaging that her sister, the burgundy one). What do you think about this Balenciaga Moon Bag? Don’t forget to vote!

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#1 sharon on 12.17.07 at 4:20 pm

I wonder if she sells it. Maybe I’ll buy it for some spare change.

#2 christine y on 12.17.07 at 4:40 pm

it’s ugly, i agree!

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