Everybody Loves Louis Vuitton! Even Buddhist Monks!

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In other LV related news of the day: have you seen the word of the internet as of two days now? It’s fashion related but it really triggered a world of response and not all of it positive. It involves Louis Vuitton luggage and a couple of Buddhist monks, a jet, some mirrored sunglasses, iPhones and worldly possessions that would normally describe fashionable individuals.

But wait, they’re monks! Something’s not right here, is it? Countless news outlets hurried up in releasing statements with regards to the temptations of the monks or their rules of conduct. But that doesn’t change the simple truth: a Louis Vuitton monogram bag is just as appealing to a humble Servant of (any) God as it is to mere mortals, fashionable or not. Yes, this may not be your regular preach&teacher Buddhist monk but they sure live connected to the world. (hit the jump to watch the actual video)

Buddhist monk Vuitton bag

Beyond the legal and philosophical aspects of this issue which will be largely and fully discussed internet-round, I’m asking a more personal question: how would you prefer your faith representative to be? Living by old-school rules or acknowledging and adapting the present into the faith?


#1 Appollonia on 06.19.13 at 8:31 am

That’s a well known Thai ‘monk’ with obviously rich followers. A shame for true monks. And nothing new in history when it comes to religious leaders.
Buddhism has become, or has been, so fashionable. At one point I believe we were the only ones without a Buddha statue in our house.

I do respect a true buddhist. As I respect every other true, not rigid religion.

Since I am an atheist I believe in Darwin.

#2 ana on 06.19.13 at 1:20 pm

Now tell me how the Pope travels. And where does he live….

#3 Appollonia on 06.19.13 at 3:51 pm


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