Bag Obsession – $4.495 Leiber Cylinder Minaudière

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Yesterday I shared with you a beautiful dress with black and white optical print. Today I give you this clutch also in black and white.

The “minaudière” it’s a small ornamental case for cosmetics, jewelry, personal items that is often carried as a handbag. This Leiber Minaudière it’s fully beaded with black and white Austrian crystals in Aphrodite pattern.

Leiber Cylinder Minaudière

So not only this is a pretty expensive handbag (oh, dear, I forgot to tell you – it has detachable chain shoulder strap ad it comes with double-sided mirror and matching coin purse – for that only you pay around $1.000 at least!) but is also has a mythical motif on. And not just any: Aphrodite’s (just to remind you, Aprodite was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility). It’s maybe supposed to be used in some kind of love-ritual and they only mention it when you want to buy it (it comes with a warning note explaining you that you have to be careful when sporting this Cylinder minaudière or you’ll end up having all the men at your feet.. damn! Imagine a $4.500 sacrifice to get um… well, close your eyes and say whatever name you want. Is it worth it?).

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