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Keep It Clean With Dog Poo Bags
I don’t know if you own a dog (or a cat) to be familiar with this kind of happening, but if you take a walk... Read More

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Who Needs I Am Rich iPhone?
What to do now that the new iPhone is so inexpensive and so affordable? Get it all stoned up in a bling atrocity or…. Or... Read More

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The Happiest Book In The World?
It’s not a joke! The Happiest Book in the World exists and it’s an actual book! Wrote by Alex Ostrowski, it’s about a voyage in... Read More

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Is Your Car Gay?
How about that? I’m puzzled and I wouldn’t want to snap and overreact, but a gay car today, tomorrow we’d be talking gay ovens, gay... Read More

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No Wedding Bells For Marc Jacobs!
No, no wedding bells because it wasn’t really a wedding. Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone did not marry the proper way (even if they legally... Read More

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Welcome Susan Juliette Beatie!
Remember Thomas Beatie? You may be more familiar with his media-friendly name “The pregnant Man”. Of course we cleared all that blur and established that... Read More

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I’ve Been Tagged! Premio Blogging Awards Nominees Are…
I’m sure you know, there are things out there that’ll catch you no matter what you do to avoid them. And tagging is one hot... Read More

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The Best Ad Ever!
It’s too good to miss out! Too many people are lost, too many people don’t know who they are and what they want just because... Read More

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