I’ve Been Tagged! Premio Blogging Awards Nominees Are…

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I’m sure you know, there are things out there that’ll catch you no matter what you do to avoid them. And tagging is one hot trend in blogging.

We follow trends here at Stylefrizz.com. We follow the trends we think are worthy. Especially when someone’s tagging Stylefrizz with a Blogging Award – Premio Blogging Award (and that tagging someone is Fantastic Toe). So I’m doing what’s required to do:

Brillante Weblog Premio Blog Award

I’m tagging the blogs I find worthy (even if I find is so hard to choose! I love so many blogs and I think so many people do a wonderful job when they’re sharing their all fashion and non-fashion passions that I find righteous to nominee every single one of those who are contributing to the blogosphere! Congrats to you, thank you for being out there and getting all that blogosphere together!). So here it goes (randomly):

je ne sais quoi
Letters from the end consumer
style…a work in progress


#1 Adriana on 07.28.08 at 6:49 am

That’s great Kpriss! I don’t like it when blogs don’t mention their sources/tags!
I don’t even read a blog that doesn’t mention these.

#2 Ellington on 07.28.08 at 10:05 am

Congratulations on being tagged!
Your blog is insightful and fun to read! : )

#3 Hebden on 07.28.08 at 12:43 pm

Thanks so much!

#4 K-Line on 07.30.08 at 7:59 am

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the shout out… K

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