No Wedding Bells For Marc Jacobs!

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No, no wedding bells because it wasn’t really a wedding. Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone did not marry the proper way (even if they legally could’ve done it).

Or maybe he’s an infinite romantic and wanted a French ceremony.. Because the French, as we all know, are different! They do not marry the gay couples, they pacs them!

Marc Jacobs Married with Lorenzo Martone

It’s a civil solidarity pact bounding the two lovers now. The trick is that the pacs-ed individuals are still considered single from a family point of view. So, technically, Marc is still single!

Do you think that marriage is a must when two people love each other? Or any other civil formality is welcome?

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#1 Adriana on 07.30.08 at 7:44 am

No, I don’t think that marriage is a must when two people love each other. On the contrary…
If it would happen to me ever again I would do it as Marc and Lorenzo has done it. I think when you’ve commit yourself to someone you’re not longer single. Not even technically, that’s just a silly law to me. Love is love.
In my country we can choose, gays too, between marriage or a pac. Or arrange nothing at all which isn’t that wise…..even when ‘love is love’ its very possible its not forever……

I wish Marc and Lorenzo a long and happy life together.

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