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How Much Are You Willing To Pay For Your Swimsuit?
I started today, like many of the days before that, convinced that paying more for a swimsuit is really not worth it. I’d rather throw... Read More

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Claudia Schiffer, Karl Lagerfeld And The Stern Fotografie Controversy
Claudia Schiffer has somehow managed to overcome Karl Lagerfeld’s aversion for children and mothers. Not only she’s a mother herself, but she was also photographed... Read More

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Proposal Style: In The Park
You know what they say: love conquers all! So it did with me, today. I can’t help but share this video, brought to my attention... Read More

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Anorexia. What We Really See!
We’ve talked about it before. Only we touched their side of the mirror. Now let’s show them only our side of the story, what they’re... Read More

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Perfumes Are Poisonous?
There was something bothering me for quite some time: I’ve developed an extra care syndrome (I think it goes beyond attention, beyond care, I think... Read More

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How Much We Spend To Look And Feel Good?
Far from being a rhetorical question, this was the subject of a recent study conducted in the UK. The results are pretty interesting if you... Read More

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Gisele Bundchen Remains World’s Number One Model
I was way off being at peace with Vogue’s Gisele Bundchen feature, you know, the one highlighting her motherhood skills and body recovery après bébé.... Read More

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Lady Gaga Has Sting’s Blessing
This is one image I would have never ever hoped, dreamed to see. I’m not a huge fan of Sting. He has his musical moments,... Read More

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