Little Miss America Collection On Its Way

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I have this odd nightmare with toddlers and tiaras haunting me every now and then. I even wrote about it once, hoping coming clean with having such bad dreams will help me heal. Nope. Not a chance.

Now I see my nightmare expanding into a clothing line. The Miss America pageant through Miss America Brands shows us how busy they’ve been with a fashion collection for the little ones. French terry hoodies, purses, polo dresses, ballet slippers and so much more for the 4 to 7 with prices under $25. Because “it’s providing inspiration for little girls” (said Katie Stam, Miss America 2009, spokesperson for the collection). I guess I should put things into a completely different perspective and look at beauty pageants and its participants (regardless of age et caetera) as I would any other profession. Is it really wrong if I can’t? (via)

Little Miss America Clothing Collection

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