How Much We Spend To Look And Feel Good?

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Far from being a rhetorical question, this was the subject of a recent study conducted in the UK. The results are pretty interesting if you ask me – the only thing really positive in this is that there’s no real barrier between women and men when it comes to spending. Finally women are equal to men. Somewhat.

Involving 3,000 people, the Sheila’s Wheels home insurance study pointed the amount spent by the average woman on her appearance: $1,450 ($37 lingerie, $43 skirt, $73 shoes, $32 top, $55 cardi, $544 jewelry, $109 watch, $210 bag $153 contents within, $153 mobile phone). And men, you’ll ask, hiding your head between your shoulders – well, men actually spent around $1,300 (and there he’s got cheap jeans, cheap tees and nice mobile phone). I don’t know about you, but from where I stand, it looks like women spend their money far more wisely than men… Don’t they? (SW via NL, photo PB)

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#1 Adriana on 05.19.10 at 7:29 am

I’ve done a survey of late like this. I shocked myself. What was I thinking? That I was not a big spender at all. So very wrong! I did the survey in my home wear which include UGG’s. I only wear these at home. But when I started to count the amount of money I spent on what I wore and carried around while strut through town that day? Well, only my boots, bag and cellphone are worthy more than €1000. And then the rest…..tralala, the clothes, lingerie, beauty care (!), scent….*hides face*……
And we’ve to cut back our expenses big time thanks to grrrrrrrrr…..I wear per day the amount of money that was my month income 20 year ago! Oops…and now I desire, as lots of people though that iPad toy….sighs….:”>

#2 cafe au lait on 05.19.10 at 11:23 pm

I used to spend a lot when I was working as model, but now I changed a lot, I have the same phone as forever, second handclothes and the clothes that I make myself, It changed a lot but I think also because I dont’t earn the same amount as before.anyway I’m glad and happier, the last 3 years in total I spent less than 500euro.

#3 Sara on 05.20.10 at 12:16 am

I think men even spend more but in different things. I remember my friends telling me I was crazy for buying a designer dress but when a new video game, phone o gadget was on the stores they bought it without doubt.

And this “toys” are not cheap.

#4 Adriana on 05.20.10 at 6:07 am

Ehhhh, I use that bag since ages same for the boots. And they will be wore (just as the phone) for ages. I’m not even gonna buy something new for a summer that’s hardly three months long here as it does look for now. I’ve still great summer clothes. And if I buy something it will be very cheap or I customize something old.
And with the current Euro troubles…..the horror…..

Ahhh, but boy toys are never cheap. Don’t forget cars, motor bikes and that very special bike they need to work out complete with accesorries of course! :D

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