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Brad Pitt Furniture: Would You Buy A $45,000 Chair?
Everybody has to have a hobby, right? So while I’m all about making headbands for my precious girl, some just go for the moon. And... Read More

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You’ll Need This Christmas: Poketo’s Winnie The Pooh Wallets
If I would have to pick a Disney classic cartoon I really treasure and always encourage our kids to watch is: Winnie the Pooh and... Read More

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Get Your Artsty Cool Tattoo! Temporarly Tattly
If you think you’re too cool to get a temporary tattoo, you’ve never seen Tattly! It’s a cool shop for cool people with cool tattoos.... Read More

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Get Some Diva Tattoos: Marilyn Monroe’s Tattoos, Liz Taylor’s Tattoos
(imaginary tattoos, that is). Remember Megan Fox and her forearm Marilyn Monroe tattoo? Well, she’s having that removed, true (and in good reason – it... Read More

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Quick Last Minute Halloween Costumes Guide
If your Halloween inspiration was ravaged by Sandy, here’s a little help putting it all back together! Hanging Rock Comics drawings of this useful Last... Read More

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How To Bring Fashion In Your Home?
How do you deal with obsessive searches? Like, for instance, this kind of wall – art dwelling I’m on right now? It can only be... Read More

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Fashion Show Sets War: Maison Martin Margiela Vs Chanel Vs Vuitton
This story was inspired by a particular video describing (and time – lapsing) the arrangements made for the Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring Summer 2013 fashion... Read More

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Embrace Your Inner Child: Swing Dinner Table
Talking about Barbie dolls reminded me of something I’ve seen the other day and absolutely wanted to share! It’s like a dream come true! We’ve... Read More

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