Walk In Superheroes Shoes: Reebok Marvel Sneakers!

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These are kind of fun and a must have for collectors. Reebok teamed up with Marvel for a special Superheroes Sneakers Collection. It’s like Spiderman himself revamped a pair of classic Reeboks for his costume, that’s how good these designs are!

My favorite pair? I’d have to pick two – the Black Widow for the girly vibe and the Sabertooth for the seasonal comfort! How about you? Which one would you take home with you and how do you like the idea of Superheroes Shoes? Would you wear them to exhaustion or frame them on your superheroes wall of fame? (click here for the gallery!)

Black Widow sneakers Reebok Marvel

Reebok Marvel Emma Frost sneakers

Reebok Marvel sneakers Marvel Spiderman Reebok sneakers Marvel Reebok sneakers Wolverine

Marvel Reebok sneakers Spiderman Marvel Reebok sneakers Sabertooth Marvel Reebok sneakers Deadpool

Marvel Reebok sneakers Captain America marvel reebok sneakers

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#1 Ellington on 06.22.12 at 3:40 pm

I am a Converse Chica and I read DC not Marvel, so these runners are not for me. : )
And Converse makes way swift DC character kicks. : )

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