La Redoute’s Kids Catalog Showing A Clothesless Man

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This is one of those images who have been making the rounds of the interwebs for a couple of days! La Redoute, a French clothing company has released images from their upcoming catalog online. The children bathing suits section displayed the image below in which you can see a very nak#d man in the background. The photo was taken down, apologies were issued. Memes flood the Internet. French beaches too liberal?

la Redoute kids photo controversy

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#1 Dollybird on 01.09.12 at 1:39 pm

A few theories floated round the French media about this, more or less tongue in cheek, but it seems in all probabilty a naughty photo editor had secretly photo imposed the background with the nudist to the kids image in the final stages of editing the catalog just before it went to the printers.
It seems the childen were actually photographed in a studio but the background beach was super imposed so fret not everyone, the kids were not on that beach at all.
The badly tanned nudist recognised himself btw & has threatened to sue.

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