Calvin Klein About His Boyfriend. And More

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Calvin Klein was recently interviewed about topics revolving around fashion and his personal life. The designer, whose notoriously controversial ad campaigns (especially when it comes to intimates) has made him the incontestable King of branded underwear, had some pretty interesting things to say (for the record, Calvin Klein is no longer in charge of the fashion house, having sold it in 2002).

Calvin Klein with boyfriend About fashion and linking fashion to various addictions he said it’s in the addicted’s head.

However, when it came to his boyfriend, it was clear as daylight that mr. Calvin Klein was in love! Here’s what the designer (whose daughter, Marci Klein, is 44yo and he, himself, is 68yo) had to say about Nick Gruber, his 21yo boyfriend: “I fell in love with a wonderful young man, and we recently went paragliding off Aspen Mountain.”. Ah, Love! -sigh – So wonderful it makes you jump off a cliff!

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