Alexander Skarsgard, Suvi Koponen Couple Up In Calvin Klein Provocations

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Firstly – fair warning: the following Calvin Klein commercial is almost 10 minutes long, so if don’t have the time, or the disposition to watch it now, save it for later. It’s Calvin Klein’s Spring 2013 ad campaign video with Alexander Skarsgard and Suvi Koponen filmed by Fabien Baron. If the title alone is any indication, Provocations is a very cleverly but sensually put together film with music composed by Olafur Arnalds.

Calvin Klein’s campaigns are rarely without their own, static, agent provocateur (it’s just a generic reference, nothing to do with the iconic lingerie brand). But this? This is sensuality to a state of art. (do hit the jump to watch the said commercial if your curiosity was pleasantly tilted. Or if you’re simply smitten with young Mr Skarsgard – wink.)

Alexander Skarsgard Suvi Koponen Provocations Calvin Klein

And in all justice for Fabien Baron, in case the name along doesn’t ring a familiar bell, is the one who directed and filmed Madonna’s 1992 S#X film. As a side project to his usually provocative work as an art director in various magazines collectives (Vogue Italia, Interview, Vogue Paris and more). He’s credited with shaping up the provocative image of brands like Calvin Klein and Burberry.

Alexander Skarsgard gets steamy with Suvi Koponen CK

But back to Suvi and Alexander Skarsgard: they really work well together and have palpable chemistry, something rather essential when doing such campaigns. And, as a personal note, I think Suvi is a great choice for CK’s aesthetic, I got a more individualistic vibe from Lara, something that made me feel like she wasn’t giving it all in. But maybe that was the point: to see her as a more refrained sensuality, something clearly more refined that her openly provocative work for – just an example – Vogue Paris.

Suvi Koponen Alexander Skarsgard Calvin Klein commercial

I just cross my fingers for Kate Upton not to make it into the CK ranks. Ever. Never!

Calvin Klein sandals Spring 2013 commercial Suvi Koponen

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