Diego Garcia Stay

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Few weeks ago I came across a little piece of music that went straight to my heart. And stuck there. Well, to be honest it went straight to my heart and then haunted my head for days – I kept singing the little song in my head and it entered in direct competition with The Littlest Birds. Which haunted me. Big time!

Anyway – I wanted to make you part of my big discovery. Alas, there was no video for the song. So I had to pass. Howeverrr, today I tried again and, what do you know? Twenty something hours ago, someone embedded the official video for my haunting song! Ain’t that something? So, my daaahlings, here’s Diego Garcia’s Stay. Amazing. I’m speechless. It’s definitely our family’s current musical obsession! Have a great weekend, stay true to your heart!

You may think he’s a newcomer, but Diego Garcia started his musical career with the band Elefant. After 10 years and several albums, the band broke and Diego Garcia went solo. And he sounds great! You might want to check out another one of his single pieces – You were never there, also part of his solo debut album “Laura”. (trivia – Diego Garcia attended Brown University. Emma Watson also attends Brown University – talking about a small world, huh?)

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