The Be Good Tanyas Littlest Birds

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Today, my sweets, I’ll share something really precious to my ears! Yes, it’s one of those breaks where I make you part of one of my most treasured discoveries!

In the mean time, I will try to pretend this isn’t the big RW day (you see, I’m trying! RW stands, biensur, for Royal Wedding) and carry on this wonderful, wonderful week towards an amazing weekend, as usual! I wish you have a great time these days and be true to your stylish hearts! Without any introductions or preparations, drum roll: The Be Good Tanyas with Littlest Birds:

While some of you may already be familiar with The Be Good Tanyas, for me they were a complete unknown until I discovered this sweet, unbelievably haunting song on one of the websites I treasure and look upon for inspiration (be warned though: it’s a website with shoes for lil’ girls! feel free to check it out here). It was just another one of those visits where I’d just see the pictures, amaze at the crafty talents and then move on to yet more astounding internet perusing.

However, I soon came to discover that the sweet song was with me and I just couldn’t help humming it all day long. I finally gave in and asked what was is and who sung it. Therefore, grateful for the prompt help, I’m not able to share it with your.

The Be Good Tanyas are no longer an item, sadly. The folk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, was formed by Frazey Ford, Trish Klein and Sam Parton. The Littlest Birds is the hit single of their first album (Blue Horse, 2000). Two more albums followed (Chinatown, 2003 and Hello Love, 2006). Many TV series have featured songs from The Be Good Tanyas on their soundtracks (among which Weeds and one of my favorites: Breaking Bad). It’s up to you whether you’ll dig deeper for more or just stick with this charming tune which, I hope, brightened up your day just like mines ever since I discovered!

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