Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Burberry Collaboration

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You know I was saying something about critics being horrified about Rosie’s Transformers acting and overall charisma and that a crushing majority of reviewers were begging for Megan’s return in the Dreamworks Hasbro franchise?

Well, the PR gents didn’t just stood there with their arms crossed waiting for dust to settle on the freshly redacted reviews and they assiduously started pushing defamations into Megan’s direction. Shia kicked it all when he “confessed” to a special chemistry (and maybe more) between him and Megan on the set of the second Transformers and now everyone from Mr Bay down deny having fired Megan from the team, repeating over and over again that she simply quit. She left on her own. Go figure!

Getting back to Rosie, there’s a little rumor circulating, stating that she has something in the works with Burberry, rumor started and confirmed by Christopher Bailey himself (Burberry’s creative director). (Rosie is currently the spokesface of the Beauty division as illustrated below). Is Rosie the best British act the UK has to offer? (Burberry via)

Rosie has an effortless beauty and an incredible body. She has been part of the Burberry family since she was 17 and we are enormously proud of her success. We are working on something exciting together which we will be announcing soon.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Burberry beauty ad campaign

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