Calvin Klein CK One Shock Perfume

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Remember the glory days of CK One? I loved the idea and the way it went down, I loved the ads, I was definitely one of the Ck one teens! And boy, was Kate Moss born to do the ck one ads?

Kate may have moved on (and coincidentally, today she’s ending her bachelorette days with a Mosstock marriage to her longtime rocker beau, Jamie Hince) but you may be pleased to know that ck one is still there! Calvin Klein Ck one shock! It’s the new fragrance CK one Shock for her and CK One Shock for him. From 1994 fast forwarding to today’s ck one smell: for her it’s very floral with vanilla and musk base. For him it’s it’s aromatic, spicy oriental with fresh accents ending in tobacco and musk.

Of course you will ask why are we talking about ck one for her and ck one for him since it was all about sharing the same fragrance? Well, things have changed since 1994 and it would appear the modern consumer no longer wishes to share the same perfume scent with his / her companion. Is it so? I for one, haven’t changed one bit since back in the day: in terms of perfume, I still like to share the same fragrance with my Adored Husband. (wwd, ck one photo via)

CK One Perfume Kate Moss 1994 CK One Shock Perfume 2011

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