Teddy Thompson Take Care Of Yourself

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This week is one of those special “discovery break” weeks – which means I’d be straying away from the usual soundtrack Friday Break and I’d make you part of a special little something new I came across and I love dearly!

Teddy Thompson. Have you heard of him? He’s already at his fifth album, so you might have… I trust you had a great weekend and the week that’s about to start will be nothing short of amazing! Don’t take this song in a parting way, I didn’t. I just love the caring, loving note about it: Teddy Thompson Take Care of Yourself.

So, as I was saying, Take Care of Yourself is part of Teddy Thompson’s fifth studio album called Bella which was released this very February, 2011. Who is Teddy? He’s a British singer and songwriter who was born in a family of musicians – folk musicians and he’s now fully operating from New York. If you want to pin him on the music scene, he’s a friend of Rufus Wainwright so I guess that about sums it up. As for me – I love this tune, I think it’s warm and full of affection, beyond the “good bye” theme that could sadden the listener. So I keep positive, focusing on the good feelings. Have a wonderful week, my lovelies!

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#1 hus' band on 03.29.11 at 7:01 pm

just loved it.

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