Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011 Short Film

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I imagine that, for the people in the fashindustry, a film like the one below is a gesture of high art and, why not, fashion.

For me, a mere bystander, innocent amateur with modest views on the fashion orbit, this Dior Homme Spring Summer 2011 short film by Willy Vanderperre (conceived by Kris Van Assche) is plain odd. Starting with the young man (Victor Nylander), dressed in a suit, sleeping on a cheap rug (not that an expensive rug would have changed anything, but the contrast of the expensive suit and the cheap rug is just painful).

Showing what seems to be a dream going on inside the young man’s mind with skateboarding scenes and sounds, flashes of various images and messages (Je T’aime = I love you at 00:36) resulting in him lasciviously moving and turning is beyond my fashion sense. And no, in the real world, fashion doesn’t turn men on. Far from it! It must be the rug then, eh? (via)

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