Arizona Muse About Fashion Week. And More

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The fashion muse of the moment is Arizona Muse. The 1990 American born model has joined the fashion stage in 2008 and in 2009 was already taking a break from it. And we can’t tell if it’s having her son, Nikko, in 2009 or simply the break we just mentioned, but upon her return in the fashion spotlight in 2010, Arizona became the next big thing.

Everybody wants her, from Marc Jacobs to Proenza Schouler, she even became the face of Prada in 2011. But what does Arizona think about all this? (click through to read her thoughts)

Arizona Muse in black

Fashion Week is the busiest time of each season. […] I like how busy it is, running around from one place to another. It’s quite exhilarating. […]I know that it will end. And when it does I think I’ll go home to Santa Fe, where I grew up, and eat lots of green chili.

How do you choose to refill yourself after a very busy time? Also – eveybody seems to be wondering why is and what makes Arizona so hot right now. Attitude. She’s more than just a walking clothes hanger. She has a life she appreciates and that’s showing. We need more models with a real life behind them! (via)

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