Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You

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I thought about this long and hard. Well – as long and as hard as a four – kids ménage will let you. And I concluded that this is my favorite Christmas song. Like, totally!

So I’m giving this last weekend before Christmas a well deserved Mariah Carey. Because it’s a cheerful tune besides being a wonderful love song. So I’m happily waiting for this year’s Christmas with my amazing, adorable family and with you, my friends! It’s a great time to spend with your loved ones and I’m blessed to have my family and so many virtual friends also! Enjoy Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You and have a Wonderful, Merry Christmas, everyone! (hit the jump for more information)

Can you believe this song goes all the way back to 1994? Wow! Boy does time fly or what? Written by Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff and considered a worthy addition to the traditional holiday repertoire, All I Want For Christmas Is You still goes strong in everyone’s hearts even after all these years.

Mariah released a second version, included in her 2010 album Merry Christmas II You, an Extra Festive version. Though it appears nothing has changed and the song is basically the same as it was upon its 1994 release, All I Want For Christmas Is You remains flawless with or without the Extra Festive touch. What’s you favorite Christmas song?


#1 Agingerella on 12.19.10 at 5:23 pm

Great choice Kpriss this song always made me sing along and smile. Heard it often on the radio the last days. :)
Yes, time runs fast….1994 was so different…..:)

I wish everyone a Happy and Joyful Christmas send from a cozy Christmas appartment somewhere in the Netherlands to anyone who read in. :)

#2 Ellington on 12.21.10 at 1:06 pm

A very happy and poppy Christmas tune. I have to be honest that I often do not like most contemporary Christmas tunes, but I like this one.
Nice choice Kpriss!
By the way have you heard Annie Lennox’s new Christmas CD? She is amazing and has stellar voice! : )

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