Is Latisse Actually Working? Claire Danes Allegedly Suffers Side Effects

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Remember Lumigan? (Latisse it’s a similar product, with the same effects!) I do! It was the answer of so many prayers I have launched over the years, hoping the Almighty would lay His mercy down on my lashes and bestow his sacred growing powers on making my lashes looong and blaaack and shiny and .. oh well, you know…

Yeah so when Latisse (Lumigan and so on) came on, I thought I nailed it, that it was Divine essence in a bottle. However, after careful consideration, I said to myself that if He really would have wanted my lashes to grow, a spell would have cast on me during my beauty sleep, and He would not have wanted me to vulgarize such a divine act by buying a bottle of medicine.

Claire Danes, who was (and maybe still is) a spokesperson for Latisse seems to be experiences some nasty side effects such as: purple and yellow around her eyes. However, Claire Danes reps denied everything, implying legal actions would be taken if the story wouldn’t be put to sleep immediately. Hasty people since Latisse warned everyone on their website that nasty side effects may indeed occur (skin darkening, eye irritation, dryness of the eye, redness of the eyelids). Anyone out there actually experienced Latisse (or Lumigan)? Care to share your perspective? (via)

Claire Danes Before After Latisse

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#1 Agingerella on 12.20.10 at 6:43 am

Imagine me: a ginger with white blond eyelashes….but no way I’m gonna use any medication which I don’t need. Every medication has side effects; don’t get me started on that one. So I stick to my mascara routine which takes more time with white eyelashes than for the happy females whose eyelashes are already dark….:-((

(When I use mascara that is. Since I feel comfortable and confident without mascara, especially in the freezing cold I like my natural look. Less work and more time to dress up cute to conquer the weather. :D)

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