Sonny And Cher I Got You Babe

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Cher was a hot topic around here these days. And I thought, maybe, just maybe, this will set the records straight: I’ve got nothing but sheer admiration for Cher’s talent and her career. However, I also think one cannot alter his / her physical appearance without losing a part of him / herself. It’s like changing the course of a river. It’s just not the same river anymore, isn’t it?

So that was for me. This is for you, for you to enjoy and continue celebrating this, undoubtedly, great weekend! Thank you for yet another wonderful week and for your insightful comments! Ladies and gents: Sonny and Cher I Got You Babe!

This was one of the first times Sonny and Cher ever performed I Got You Babe on television. 1965. And just to make it round – below you’ll find a clip with Sonny and Cher performing the same song, the very last time, together, on the Letterman Show. 1987, November 13th – coincidences make my world go round – what day it is today? Well, November 13, 2010!

Getting back to Sonny and Cher and our song: written and composed by Sonny Bono during their legendary relationship, I got you babe was included their 1965 album “Look at us”. Though their manager allegedly didn’t think much about the song, it went into heavy rotation, reaching no 1 in 1965. Covered by numerous artists (Etta James, David Bowie, UB40 and more), the song was included on many soundtracks both on the big and the small screen (Full House, Groundhog Day, Ugly Betty, Mad Men).

And though it may look like that Cher story could be the only reason I decided to include this song in this week’s break, well, there’s more! I also wanted to thank my Adored Husband for being my support and inspiration. I got You Babe!


#1 Gingerella on 11.14.10 at 9:11 am

Believe it or not: it’s like I felt this coming. I sing it the whole week. What a nice choice this is.
I watched Cher on Letterman too and loved her as ever. Thanks for posting this. It’s a true classic. :)

(For people who want to see the real Cher, if all is real there, go to see the wonderful “Come Back To The Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”, marvelous movie, funnily enough about a “subject” that became a reality for Cher herself.)

#2 Gingerella on 11.14.10 at 9:16 am

Why am I so often “awaiting moderation” lately? :((

Argh, the video showed of course the real Cher. Loves her “imperfect teeth”. So cute! :)

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