Hermes Fingerskate Amazing Video

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Hermes is back in the spotlight with a new, fantastic campaign “Fingerskate”. It’s definitely a teaser, since it doesn’t focus on anything in particular, it just streams the entire Hermes portfolio with no stop (that is, if you count out the scarf – end).

I’m not 100% convinced some of the fingerstaking scenes weren’t computer enhanced, and even so, it doesn’t steal the awesomeness factor away from the mini video show. Whoever is working on how Hermes’ image is projected out here does an outrageously good job and creating a magic, fairy tale aura around the orange luxury brand is a happy idea both visually and commercially. It wouldn’t surprise me if we came to refer to Hermes, shortly, as the life – like – a fairy – tale – brand. Magically, Hermes. How do you love the video? (via)

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#1 Ellington on 11.12.10 at 3:29 pm

Very cute and charming!
My nephews are really into those finger skateboards and doing tricks with them. Thanks for this bit of Friday fun Kpriss! :)

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