The New Windows Fashion

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I tried so hard to come up with a title that won’t give anything away from what’s next! Watch the video below and tell me if it worked!

I will tell you this, though: take a seat (a comfortable one) and get ready to be amazed for the following two minutes! And I mean Ahhmazed with a capital A! There’s a bit more info right after the jump! Now, when you’re ready – press play! (Inception who?)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen something quite like that! Acrobats? Ballet dancers? I’m not sure what to name them to really define what they’re doing. It’s an entire project called Project Bandaloop. It’s meant to honor nature, community and the human spirit through dance. It’s being going on since 1991, so maybe some of you were already familiar with what they’re doing, I really wasn’t! Now I’ll just go look for some Thievery Corporation (I’m not 100% sure but it did had a Thievery sound to it – the music from the video. Have you any idea what was it exactly?) and amaze my overly pregnant self with more gravitation defying demonstrations! Don’t you just feel… limited all of a sudden? (Project Bandaloop via)

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