How About A Honeymoon Fragrance?

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There’s a new thing on the market right now called the Honeymoon fragrance. It’s an all natural perfume made by Stephanie Simek from plant-based oils with no chemicals or alcohol added.

While the description brightens up my day (I love everything-cosmetic that’s natural and chemicals-free), I can’t say the same about the looks of it (or its name). Sea urchins don’t play an inviting tune for me, as for my honeymoon – I like to think of myself and my Adored Husband we’re still there: and endless, daily honeymoon for the rest of our lives! How about you, then? Have you ever imagined your honeymoon to smell like grapefruit and basil essential oils? (via)

Honeymoon perfume shell

Honeymoon perfume shell box

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