Celine Dion Sunglasses. Would You?

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Browsing the fashinterwebs I came across something rather unbelievable today: Celine Dion Sunglasses! Yes, you’re reading that right! The new Celine Dion sunglasses come with a smashing offer valid until June 17, 2010! So you only have two days left to pick up your stylish Celine Dion Signature Collection Sunglasses with a special 15% discount!

Six models are available, all accented with Swarovski crystals ($160-$175 each) so make up your mind, discover the Diva in you! Which one is your favorite? I’ll go for the Timeless Diva (the black rectangular ones)! (celine dion shop via ccl)

Celine Dion Signature Style Sunglasses

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