Gemma Ward Joins The Pirates Of The Caribbean

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The last rumor running wild in the fashblogosphere is that Gemma Ward is getting ready for her big screen mermaid role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now I have no idea whether that is true, however, we were all hoping Gemma would grace us with her gorgeousness on the fashion scene. Finding out that she’s switching focus on acting is definitely something new and I look forward to her mermaid-esque appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After seeing her in “The Strangers”, I don’t know what to say about Gemma’s acting. Have you seen her movies? (via, photos via 1, 2 photochopping courtesy Stylefrizz)

Gemma Ward mermaid


#1 Adriana on 06.16.10 at 6:58 am

No I haven’t seen her in any movie and I’m not gonna watch this Pirate movie either. One was enough for me.
Kpriss, you don’t know what to say? Hmm, that doesn’t so good at all…..

#2 kpriss on 06.16.10 at 10:41 am

it’s hard to judge someone’s “acting” based on few minutes of film action, few minutes in which her character had a mask on and said nothing… However, I haven’t seen the other one – Balloon something. Maybe she has a more substantial character there? (oh, and I heard there was a “strangers” sequel in the works…)

#3 kyamulesire klein on 02.02.12 at 12:11 am

she is gorgeous and sweet

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