Emporio Armani And Reebok EA7 Collection 2010

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Of course we’re all pro Converse here and we’re enjoying the daily Converse routine. However, it’s good to know what’s happening in the wild, wild world of sneakers for a better appreciation of our one star/all star favoritism.

Emporio Armani has teamed up with Reebok for a special collection: EA7/Reebok. Ready to hit stores this very July 2010, the limited collection wants to offer customers with sportish views the haute couture possibility. There’s more to the collection than the following sport shoes, which in my books, come down as pretty unaesthetic, however I was hoping for Reebok to not jump on the tacky for the sake of couture (ahem profit) bandwagon. What’s that black shoe, there? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? (via)

Emporio Armani EA7 Reebok collection

Emporio Armani EA7 Reebok footwear

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