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Erykah Badu For Tom Ford White Patchouli Perfume
Tom Ford White Patchouli will breathe boutiques air in September this year and the ads are lead by Erykah Badu. I know Ford uses sexual... Read More

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Why Celebrity Goes Designer
And here I was, day after day, wondering how far and how many more from the celebrity lines will join the designer ranks… Now I... Read More

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Joining the Babyboom Trend – Tom Ford to be a Daddy?
He’s one of most charismatic males I’ve seen. Ever. And because life has it’s mysterious ways, he’s not a ladies man. Tom Ford, the designer... Read More

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The Best Looking Store in the World is Tom Ford’s
We knew he was a deco-superfreak (remember the 10 years he spend at Gucci that he personally signed, approved and verified all the display windows... Read More

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All Eyes on Tom Ford
I would say that Tom Ford “Jennifer” sunglasses were largely the most popular model of sunglasses for 2007. Since I have a weakness for his... Read More

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