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Geek Chic: Super Mario Super Shoes
Geek chic and the little wonders of this exquisitely creative and delightful style keep drawing my attention and I will certainly not miss any opportunity... Read More

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Dare To Wear The Stiletto Earrings?
As we all came to treasure at least one pair of shoes throughout our fashionable life, would it be safe to assume that this lovely... Read More

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Christian Louboutin’s Spring Summer 2012 Shoes Collection
Yes, I’m fully aware of the season, and no, this is not meant to tease you in any way! I love Christmas and the joy... Read More

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Blake Lively In Christian Louboutin’s Arms
Anyone out there still feeling skeptical at the thought of Blake Lively being the new Hollywood darling adored by fashion and press? If so, the... Read More

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How Deep Is Your Fashion Love?
Talking about engagements and got me thinking about this picture I saw not long ago. Which I could definitely print out and hang on a... Read More

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Customize Your Shoes With Heel Condoms
We’ve seen (and we can imagine) so many ways to change the way your shoes look like! However, none of it allows you to either... Read More

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Louboutin Metallic Spiked Stilettos. A Medical Perspective
What would normally be the image of a pair of heart aching Christian Louboutin Pigalle silver spikes stiletto has been transformed into this amazing, ethereal... Read More

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Lanvin Shoes Are Not Comfortable
The words of Alber Elbaz “I’m not a cool designer” now have a new meaning in the light of some shoes confessions made by Gwyneth... Read More

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