Blake Lively In Christian Louboutin’s Arms

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Anyone out there still feeling skeptical at the thought of Blake Lively being the new Hollywood darling adored by fashion and press? If so, the following is for you! If you’re already convinced that Blake is the new it girl, the new muse of designers and editors, here’s a gorgeous pair of snakeskin Christian Louboutin stilettos as worn by Blake Lively!

At a recent Christian Louboutin cocktail event at Barney’s New York, Blake Lively was carried out by Monsieur Louboutin himself. Notice the exquisitely gorgeous pair of Christian Louboutin snakeskin stilletos, the dubious red leather coat and the even stranger Dolce & Gabbana cocktail attire worn by Blake. I think she was underdressing in purpose to highlight the shoes more!

Christian Louboutin carries Blake Lively in his arms

Blake Lively in red leather and Dolce and Gabbana outfit

Blake Lively wearing Christian Louboutin snakeskin stilettos


#1 Dollybird on 11.03.11 at 6:14 am

Up close the shoes don’t look her size. We know she was in all probabilty asked to wear them before she arrived at the event for papps. The usual PR bull$hit. Blake Lively leaves me neither hot nor cold actually. I find Leighton Meester more mysterious & thus interesting.

#2 Riana on 11.04.11 at 7:08 am

I agree with Dollybird about the shoesize – a fact I have noticed more than once – the PR bull$hit (lol) and the IT-girl uproar. Show me a regular photo of Blake and I don’t recognize her at all. Boring. (Sorry, DB I don’t know really who Leighton Meester is besides her name???)

You like Kristen Stewart; in her case I recognise her face always with or without the kohl. And I have only seen her in smaller parts as Into The Wild. Speaking about someone who does look interesting in any case and that’s the real deal to me.

#3 Riana on 11.04.11 at 7:11 am

Sorry, I am not a PETA member but please leave the snakes alone. They belong in the wild not on feet and used as handbags….

#4 Riana on 11.04.11 at 7:31 am

Dollybird; my reply to you is under moderation….:((

#5 DollyBird on 11.04.11 at 4:24 pm

@Riana – Leighton Meester is partners with Blurk Lively in the TV series Gossip Girl which propelled both girls & Taylor Momsen into the limelight.
Agree about Kristen Stewart’s appeal over Blake Lively. Before the Twilight phenomenon KS caught my eye in the excellant film Into The Wild by Sean Penn.
And yes snakes should be left alone in the wild.
I think these shoes in particular would have been just as appealing if the snakeskin effect was hand drawn/painted & then pasted with tiny sequins to complete its reptilian allure. Now that would be true craftsmanship & value for money but who am I kiddin right? Ivory & rhino horns are still being traded in the blackmarket so there’s little hope for snakes.

#6 Riana on 11.05.11 at 10:44 am

Thanks Dolly and my apologise to you Kpriss since you’d explain to me once who Leighton Meester is and I forgot about it.Taylor Mormsen I am aware about since she’s sort of rocker now….
Dolly, I have watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl of the first series but got bored very quick. Or I am too old for the series? :D

I love Into The Wild and I love Sean Penn’s way of directing. Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack is a masterpiece. I am still a Pearl Jam fan and Eddie can’t do no wrong. He is one of rock’s most upright people. :)

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