Louboutin Metallic Spiked Stilettos. A Medical Perspective

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What would normally be the image of a pair of heart aching Christian Louboutin Pigalle silver spikes stiletto has been transformed into this amazing, ethereal capture through a high definition 3D medical scanner in a project initiated by Lux Inside.

I’m not familiar with the procedures and how safe and stress free the scanning was for the red soled beauty, however, I’d be happy to hang this on my wall any day! It looks unbelievably beautiful and artsy. Not that I would mind wearing the real thing, though! Which one do you prefer? The close to earth $1,000 something Louboutins or the close to art heaven scanned Loubs? (Lux Inside via)

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Metal Spikes Stiletto medical scan

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