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First Look: The Hobbit, The Desolation Of Smaug
Tauriel, Legolas, Thranduil cover Empire’s new issue in reference to Peter Jackson’s new release of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit adaptation for the big screen. Until... Read More

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Hottest Watch Of 2013: Vianney Halter $200,000 Deep Space Tourbillon
Every now and then, I allow myself to freely contemplate and admire the fine mechanism and the artistic dimension of a timepiece. But almost each... Read More

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Amy Adams From Lacoste Ad To Magazines Covers, She’s Everywhere!
I was just observing how our sidekick heroines keep fueling our clichés (Star Trek, anyone? think it through and see how women are really portrayed... Read More

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Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor Looks Like This:
I remember thinking that having Lindsay Lohan impersonating the grand Liz Taylor was a mistake. But then, after careful consideration, I slowly came to terms... Read More

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All Your Magazines Covers Are Belong To Henry Cavill, The New Superman!
Now that the internet meme has evolved up to a point where anyone and everyone (and their respective, respectable dogs) can make their own memes,... Read More

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Gatsby’s Tobey Maguire In Zoo Magazine By Brian Adams
We went out and saw The Great Gatsby. I told you we would. But even now, I still prefer Fast and Furious fun over the... Read More

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Wolverine’s First Cover. With Claws And Frown
Talking about beards. And Men. And Movies! Waiting for Wolverine to drop in theaters worldwide in about a month or so (end of July, to... Read More

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Honestly, What The Fun! (The Fast Franchise Furiously Heists Again)
I forgot to talk movies this week, haven’t I? How could I? Gotta get to it right away! So while the entire world is too... Read More

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