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Short Hump Day Animation
Now for your video fix I hereby serve you one of those lovely short animations out there. Made by Arjen Klaverstijn from the Utrecht School... Read More

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Suzanne Cleary And Peter Harding Irish Hands Dance
How are you feeling today? If you’re feeling the midweek crisis, don’t be alarmed! I have just the thing you need: a Hump Day happy... Read More

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Beauty Sleep Virtues
The magic virtues of a beauty sleep is that even if you’re not involved, it gets to you and relaxes you or sets you in... Read More

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Tasty Pedestrian Crossing
Visually catchy, this McDonalds pedestrian crossing can be seen in Switzerland. The country where everything is… well, slightly different. Uniformity doesn’t seem to provoke the... Read More

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Happy Hump Day. The White Edition
There’s something about animals and serotonin. Animals, funny, cute, amazing animals doing whatever they do best to keep our serotonin levels hiiigh, hiiiigh! So, my... Read More

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Caravan Palace Bambous
It’s the weekly obsession time, my sweet darlings! And I do hope you’ve been missing this one! It’s a happy tune, you know me, I... Read More

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Ride In Style.Toddlers Edition
It’s time for another one of those Happy Hump Day moments! And how could it be any different with such cuteness overload? Whether it was... Read More

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Cheer Up Keanu Meme Evolution. Happy Hump Day!
We’re dedicating this Happy Hump Day moment to the Sad Keanu meme. Because we love him too and because we really want to see him... Read More

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