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Blooming Time
I was looking around for interesting things to share with you and it hit me: when was the last time we had a Happy Hump... Read More

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The Sweet Temptation. Marshmallow Style
I know you’ve been waiting for a piece of good Hump Day fun! Weren’t you? By the powers invested in me by the amazingness of... Read More

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Ricky Martin The Best Thing About Me Is You
Halfway through the week, we have to take a moment and celebrate. Happy Hump Day, everyone! I’m still daydreaming as earlier, nothing changed, my laptop... Read More

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Harry Potter Doggy Style
I’d like to start today with an adorable literary moment. Sure, I know some of you will argue at going so extreme and calling Harry... Read More

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Coffee Style Switch
And there goes another week! It’s hard to believe, really, that just a week ago I shared that Beach Black Tie madness with you! Are... Read More

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Happy Hump Beach Day!
Now for this week’s Hump Day moment, I thought about something offbeat, comme d’habitude, that will bring the smile on our faces. Don’t you just... Read More

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Stella By Wes Anderson And Roman Coppola
It’s been so long since our last fashvideo here! And, truth being told, I haven’t missed them so much! They’re so complicated, they always put... Read More

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Care For A Purple Umbrella?
Yesterday’s Hump Day edition was delayed. I do not plan on giving up on it just yet. Because I reserved you this high dose of... Read More

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