Ride In Style.Toddlers Edition

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It’s time for another one of those Happy Hump Day moments! And how could it be any different with such cuteness overload?

Whether it was made for a photo-minute only or it’s really how it’s done in that particular household, I hope that little one is really enjoying her Puggle ride! (and also – I hope there’s someone to assist her very closely, just in case!). Anyway, I trust you’ll have a really Happy Hump Day! Especially after this one! (photo via)

little girl riding her dog

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#1 Adriana on 07.01.10 at 5:03 am

LOL! I never understood really what ‘humpy day’ was. I learned yesterday that’s the Wednesday!! I always thought it was just a fun day or something you said Kpriss.
Learnt a new thing.

That dog looks stellar and hold his head (?) with protective pride.

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