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10 Smiling Creatures To Smile Your Week Away
Now this is a special hump day after hours. Nature’s creature edition smiles. How could anyone resists to such cuteness overload? I for one, couldn’t!... Read More

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Dame Edna Puts A Ring On It!
Dame Edna’s rendition of Beyonce’s now legendary Single Ladies is a must see. Also the backup dancers deserve a good portion of your attention… Happy... Read More

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Bad Dog Hair Day!
I could on endlessly about how wrong this sounds. And still! The look of it just takes me away! To a happy place! This unairbrushed... Read More

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Happy Royal Hump Day!
I hope you have a great day today! Royal and unbound! This right here is the picture of greatness, free and proud! …or the closest... Read More

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Happy Hump Birth – Day!
You gotta love birthdays! And Hump Days! Take the two, add some puppy loveliness, some cake and you’ve got this! I give you Riley! It’s... Read More

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Happy Hump Day With Gabourey Sidibe’s Soul Mama!
By the amazing powers of the viral video, today I bring you Alice Tan Ridley, Gabourey Sidibe’s Mama. Besides being the mother of Precious Gabourey,... Read More

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It Doesn’t Take Much For A Happy Hump Day!
Doctor, I don’t know what do to anymore! I can’t find sleep, all I can think about is making my hedgehog happy! He’s so sad,... Read More

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Happy Hump Day! Rock-A-Bye Edition
There’s no lullaby better than a viral rock-a-bye! Take my word for it, this is how the new generation goes (special note to the uber... Read More

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