Stella By Wes Anderson And Roman Coppola

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It’s been so long since our last fashvideo here! And, truth being told, I haven’t missed them so much! They’re so complicated, they always put a big question mark over my otherwise functional logic, I feel there must be something wrong with the fash videos of the world.

Anyways, here’s a short video a l’occasion de this week’s Hump Day entertainment. Signed by Wes Anderson (Darjeeling Limited among others) and Roman Coppola, this charming Stella Artois commercial is totally worth a minute of your time! Enjoy and do have a Happy Hump Day!


#1 Adriana on 10.14.10 at 6:53 am


Coincidentally I wanted to sent you a another funny beer video for a Hump Day! The creator is not that famous though but he did a great job too. You can watch the video here.

#2 Adriana on 10.14.10 at 6:54 am

Correction: the creator has not a famous last name.

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