Janet Jackson Barbie Doll

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With the Holidays season comes the charity season as well. It’s a kind of complimentary season to any season, actually, however it’s more poignant as we’re getting ready for a happy time with our dear ones. Everyone should be able to do that.

Project Angel Food’s annual fundraising event features a special donation for the charity auction: eight original, unique signature Barbie and Ken items. Janet Jackson is one of the amazing one-of-a-kind designs. Estimated at $15,000, the Janet Jackson Barbie is currently at $1,500 with only 10 bids and 9 days to go.

Inspired by Janet’s American Idol performance, the doll’s black figure embracing doll has Swarovski crystals appliqués (and a Swarovski crystal mic to match it) plus a black catsuit underneath just like in the real performance. Mattel has done a great job with Janet, I only wish they would have had her in the mainstream production also. Oh well.. (and if you’re looking at a more friendly budget, part of the auction is also Ken’s house from Toy Story 3 – estimated at $1,000 is now at a little over $300 – see it after the jump as well as Janet’s American Idol performance) (you can place your bids here)

Janet Jackson Barbie doll charity

Janet Jackson Barbie Doll

Toy Story 3 Ken House

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