Marketing Goes Incredible With Creative Bus Stops

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It’s been a while since waiting the perfect moment to show you these bus stops. I was saving it for a special occasion. That didn’t really came up, for every day can be a special occasion, so here it goes for you to enjoy:

You know that a bus ride isn’t always a joy ride but oh, look at these bus stops and hold your breath! If marketing would be that creative at every step, (at least) the sights would be far more interesting! I for one prefer this kind of showing off than a billboard with no specific meaning other than commercial overload direct challenge of my already stuffed wardrobe!

Ikea Creative Bus Stop

What’s your favorite? I think I’d go with the roller coaster… (don’t miss the other five pictures following these roller coaster and Ikea first ones)

Roller Coaster Creative Bus Stop

Watermelon Creative Bus Stop
Room Creative Bus Stop
Closed Store Creative Bus Stop
Cottage Creative Bus Stop
TV Creative Bus Stop
(via wackyarchive)

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