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Octopus Jewelry Made From Real Octopus
I don’t know about you, but when I looked at these pictures, I felt the salty sea taste in my mouth! And not because I’m... Read More

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$ 6,892 Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet! Wait, What?
It’s not for its breathtaking beauty (or brains for the matter!) but for its environmental values that I absolutely have to have this cuff! It’s... Read More

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Jewelry Trend Alert – Time To Play!
Ladies, it’s time to let your complicated necklaces at home, store away your skull rings and your edgy earrings, there’s a new trend coming! Seems... Read More

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The Empress Eugénie Brooch Bought By Le Louvre
Luxury is often a privilege lacked of good taste. However, talking about a collector piece from 1853 one can hardly allow itself to splash it... Read More

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Sarah Jessica Parker Jewelry Rampage At Point Foundation Benefit
It’s beyond any doubt that the SATC girls were under severe stylist advising for the Point Foundation Benefit at Capitale – they look so “matched”... Read More

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Messi Jilly Jewelry Collection – Underwater Love
I guess that a someone who likes jewelry, likes it in every way possible or at least appreciates a strikingly original creation. Looking at these... Read More

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Pearls Comeback for 2008
So are those pearls back on track? I know Sarah Jessica Parker’s moves are awaited and followed. When I saw her difficult-to-qualify-all-black-outfit and long strands... Read More

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Versace $227,000 Destiny Jewelry Watch
Versace is branding Luxury. At a recent Watch Fair in Baselworld, the Donatella unveiled the Versace “not like a watch” watch. Available on order only,... Read More

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