$ 6,892 Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet! Wait, What?

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It’s not for its breathtaking beauty (or brains for the matter!) but for its environmental values that I absolutely have to have this cuff!

It’s a one of a kind wood zebra printed bangle cuff signed Kara Ross with a topaz and 18carat gold closure. And not only her motifs and features make it unique! Imagine that this Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet costs $6,892!

Kara Ross Zebra Wood Cuff Bracelet

It’s known that environmentalists are filthy rich so it was only normal that they value a piece of wood as much as the others value a car.

Therefore I need this cuff to see how $7,000 different makes you feel!

(via luxist)

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#1 Linda on 07.14.08 at 7:39 am

if you actually care about “environmental values” then you should be aware that zebrawood comes from endangered trees. it is gorgeous though.

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