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Oh, Dakota, What Have You Done?
You might have noticed (and even if you didn’t, no worries, I’m here to remind you about it) that the infamously scandalous Terry Richardson has... Read More

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Do You Like The Way You Look?
I found this statistically interesting piece of beauty – age – fact I though I’d share with you. Because it may prove as interesting to... Read More

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Coco Rocha’s ANTM Violent Photo Shoot
Last week I was marveled and enchanted by the work of the people involved in America’s Next Top Model. Now I’m speechless and saddened. Maybe... Read More

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Zachary Quinto Is Gay. Congrats For His Coming Out!
I think even after reading the title alone, you’re all going “wha?” on me – well.. It has to be said! After months, years of... Read More

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Can Someone Please Stop Anna Dello Russo’s Dancing?
I feel like this is going on for too long! Anna Dello Russo having yet another dancing video is like approving that cats made the... Read More

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Movie Sequel Style: The Expendables Sequel Is Happening!
I was thinking the other day (when I was doing the Burberry Acoustic piece) – what if I would tell you more about my cinematic... Read More

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Beyonce Wearing Fake Baby Bump. On TV. Is Beyonce Really Pregnant?
So what’s the story with Beyonce’s Baby Bump? From the MTV announcement to today’s latest buzz, it would appear that everyone wants to see Beyonce... Read More

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Rose Cordero’s Baby Bump
Life. Death. I was so upside down because of Steve Jobs’ death that I just couldn’t pull myself together to write about something. Anything. Especially... Read More

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