Louboutins. The Good Side Of The Wearing Story

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Last week we talked about the much hyped Christian Louboutin shoes and the possibly, maybe, exaggerated shrine made to Louboutin measure. And you were partially inclined to think that the wear & tear for a first day’s wear could just be a defining (non)quality of every red soled Louboutins.

The magic that is sharing with you sparkled all over this story because we’re now able to hear the good side of the Louboutins wearing story! You all read Allison and what she thought of the destroyed Loubs in a single day’s wear. Now let’s see her arguments! (and let me tell you, they’re pretty strong! Click through to see what I mean!)

Louboutin Swarovski shoes looking as new

Consider this as a “Louboutin Shoes. Are They Really Worth The Money And The Buzz Part Deux” and know that if you have any more stories to share, I’m here, happy and honored to be part of this debate (or any other one, for the matter!). So back to Allison and her great experience with Christian Louboutin shoes.

black Louboutin with Swarovski

After seeing two pictures already (you can see larger images by clicking on the pictures) and concluding (at least for my part) that her shoes look unbelievably impeccable (and drooling all over the keyboard over these beauties), let’s find out the details:

“…they are the black crepe de chine Eugenie. I bought them on December 1st 2008 for £975.00 at the Motcomb Street Boutique in London – which was a fabulous experience (but I digress).

In the time I’ve owned them they’ve criss-crossed the Atlantic, partied all night, never let me down and been much admired. As you can see by the soles they have been worn. […] I must’ve worn them well in excess of 100 hours; my basic rule is that I treat them well, keep them in their original box and air them for twelve hours after wearing. They have not lost a single Swarovski.”

My daahlings, I’m speechless! I keep saying to myself that bad things happen to good people, let alone good shoes. But the initial point of our debate, the wear & tear story is worlds apart from this happy, fairy tale-ish one, as shared by Allison. In the prospect of sometime possibly, maybe owning a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes (fingers crossed – wink), this proof of wearing invincibility gave me hope that sometimes it’s worth paying more for higher quality. Thanking Allison again, I invite you daaahlings, not only to admire her beautiful Cinderella – like shoes, but also to share your opinions!

Christian Louboutin red soled worn shoes Christian Louboutin receipt


#1 Ellington on 09.27.11 at 9:02 am

Those are LOVELY shoes but the only thing that I would say is that wear shoes indoors to party in is much different than say walking outside on the sidewalk in weather.
I have party shoes that I have had for many years and yes they still look good, but then I have not traversed all over town in them but was driven to the place of fun, socialized in them and then was driven home.
I would like to see a pair that were worn for daily OUTSIDE wear for a true comparison. : )

#2 Allison on 09.27.11 at 1:36 pm

Thank you so much for running my photos!


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